The Brooks Leney Team are keeping a close eye on the Brexit process and how that and the great many things that will stem from it is being handled by Government.  Although Brexit itself will undoubtedly bring some immediate impact, much of the change will evolve over time as the Government creates legislation specifically for UK needs.

We already have the Agriculture Act 2020 which enables a good deal of change to happen in relation to agriculture, but does not of itself bring about change; there is also the Environment Bill which is expected to become law in 2021 and allow progress to be made towards achieving the aims set out in the 25 year Environment Plan.

Other legislation such as that suggested by the Planning White Paper earlier in 2020 will follow and although this is not specifically Brexit related when added to the raft of changes that are likely to occur it is fairly certain that there will be an unprecedented amount of opportunities for rural landowners and farmers to take advantage of the opportunities that become available.

This a rapidly and constantly changing process which Brooks Leney are monitoring closely and if you wish to discuss any particular aspect in more detail do speak with your Brooks Leney contact.

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