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Brooks Leney Planning

Sometimes an application will be submitted that will affect your property, and this may compel you to object against the application. It is often a stressful time, particularly if you know the people involved in the application and this can prove to be a challenging process. A well thought out objection letter can be an important feature of the planning process, either tipping the balance towards a refusal or seeking amendments to improve the impact of the scheme.

Our team of Chartered Town Planners have extensive experience of objecting to planning applications for a range of development proposals covering a wide area of the East of England, including Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and also in London and the Southeast of England.

Our planners offer a professional approach to objecting to an application, focussing on the key issues to provide a succinct yet effective objection to a scheme. We link the reasons for objection to relevant local and national planning policy to maximise the effect of the objection letter. Common grounds upon which to object to an application include:

  • Loss of privacy through overlooking, loss of outlook and light;
  • Design and impact on the surroundings;
  • Parking and highway safety;
  • Flood risk;
  • Noise;
  • Listed Building/Conservation Area impacts.

We offer support and guidance through the process keeping you updated throughout the application period and after a decision has been issued.