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The Brooks Leney team can manage and advise on the opportunities of the various environmental schemes available for your farming business.  Whether you currently have a Stewardship agreement in place, or you are considering applying in the future, the Brooks Leney team can assist you through the process making sure you are maximising your returns and the benefits from the scheme 

 Our specialist advisers can provide a “health check” for existing schemes ensuring that  any possible non-conformities are identified  and any actions that are needed to mitigate penalties on current schemes and highlight opportunities for the future. 

 The Environmental Land Management (ELM) Scheme is set to become the cornerstone of the new agricultural policy. This scheme will become one of the principal routes for supporting rural businesses who can provide public goods such as clean air, clean and plentiful water, thriving plants and wildlife, protection from environmental hazards, beauty heritage and engagement with the environment or reduction of and adaption to climate change. As this scheme develops we can help identify opportunities for your farm and businesses that fits in with your existing operations to ensure a smooth transition period.  

 The value of environmental management as part of a Planning Application must not be overlooked and the Brooks Leney team can advise on the best way of maximising returns where, in the future, a developer may be looking for biodiversity benefits, as part of being granted Planning Permission for a development. This is known as “Biodiversity Net Gain” and will become common place in our planning system and therefore farmers and landowners will become key to delivering on this where net gain has to be provided off site.