We are closely monitoring changes to Environmental Schemes in the Post Brexit world and can offer advice as to the suitability of any Scheme for any farming business. It is important to consider not only the potential income such Schemes might provide but also the costs both actual and in management time of complying with the requirements.

For many such Schemes ay be a way of making up some of the income lost as a result of the declining BPS payment and for others it may bean opportunity to do “their bit” for the environment. It can also be a way of receiving payment towards the costs of the environmental management associated with running a shoot.

The value of environmental management as part of a Planning Application must not be overlooked and the Brooks Leney team can advise on the best way of maximising returns where, in the future, a developer may be looking for a net environmental gain as a result of being granted a Planning Permission for development.

Either alone or in conjunction with special environmental consultants the Brooks Leney team will seek maximise your return.

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