Brooks Leney can provide a complete remit of advice relating to any matter associated with rural property and business.

We also have strong connections with specialists who we can call on when required.

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Rural Property and Business Services

AMC Finance

Providing tailored finance through AMC, Brooks Leney can assist in finding competitive agricultural loans.

Contract Farming & Tenancies

Offering advice on all types of farming arrangements, Brooks Leney advise on the best arrangements to suit your needs.

Disputes and Expert Witness

When the desire to reach a settlement by negotiation fails, our team can work with you to help reach a solution.


Business opportunities are key to a successful business. At Brooks Leney we can advise on projects from concept to completion.

Energy Projects

Energy projects and installations ranging from solar parks to wind farms to standby electricity storage generators.


Brooks Leney is keeping abreast of all changes to Environmental Schemes and can advise on the opportunities that may be available and their impact on rural businesses.

Planning and Development

Identifying the best sites for development, Brooks Leney will work with you throughout the Local Plan process.

Property Management

Our experienced team can provide a bespoke management service for all types of rural property, including estates and land.

Property Purchase

Our bespoke property purchase service will guide you through the process of finding and buying a property.

Property Sales

Our experienced team can advise clients on the best way to sell their property while achieving the best results.

Roads, Pipelines and Cables

From acquiring land for a new road or railway, the installation of new pipe or overhead cables, we can assist.

Subsidy & Grant Schemes

We can advise of the latest requirements for Basic Payment, environmental, and other grant schemes.

Succession and Tax Planning

Understanding the needs of each generation, our experienced team can advise on succession and tax planning.

Telecom Masts

Brooks Leney can advise you on all matters relating to the telecommunications industry and the opportunities it can present.


At Brooks Leney we provide valuations for many purposes, including bank lending, capital tax planning, insurance and more.

Planning Consultancy Services


The Brooks Leney planning team can project manage the planning application process for you, from conception to determination.


When your development proposal does not go the way, you planned we can review your case and prepare an Appeal on your behalf.


Brooks Leney can advise on any proposals involving built heritage and prepare statements to support applications involving listed buildings and their settings.


Not all development proposals are appropriate or acceptable.  If you feel you will be negatively impacted by a proposal Brooks Leney can help by preparing an objection.

Strategic Site Promotion

Brooks Leney advises landowners on how to engage with the Development Plan process to promote strategic development sites across the East of England.

Farm Business Management

Farm Budgeting

Our team produces detailed budgets, cashflows and financial reporting that can help you look at past performance but also to look to the future to enable you to make well-informed strategic business and management decisions.  

Environmental Advice

The Brooks Leney team can manage and advise on the opportunities of the various environmental schemes available for your farming business.  

Farm Business Management and Consultancy

Our professionally qualified and experienced team can advise on a wide range of matters relating to the management and performance of your farming business. 

Contract Farming

Brooks Leney has experience and expertise in setting up and managing all types of contract farming and joint venture agreements. 

Subsidy & Grant Schemes

Basic Payment Scheme and other grants are becoming increasingly complex. We can advise on the latest developments and requirements of these everchanging schemes. 


Business opportunities are key to a successful business. At Brooks Leney we can advise on projects from concept to completion.