Rural Finance in Unprecedented Times

The phase unprecedented times has been used extensively in the press over recent weeks – probably because we are in unprecedented times!  At times of uncertainty, many banks “pull down the shutters”.  The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, which has been working with farmers and landowners for over 90 years, is however still supporting its customers (new and existing) through these difficult times.


During uncertain and volatile times, businesses need to look at what they can do to de-risk their business.  One way of managing uncertainties is for a business to spend time on reviewing its financial arrangements.  Whether it is refinancing existing borrowing or looking at new borrowing, consideration needs to be given to whether or not to fix interest rates and whether to borrow on an interest only or repayment basis.


AMC appreciate that farming and landownership is a long term business and therefore offer loans from 5 years up to 30 years.  AMC loans can also be transferred between generations, which again can help to provide long term planning and certainty when introducing the next generation into the business.


Brooks Leney are longstanding AMC agents and through our involvement with numerous applications, we are well placed to review the options available to your business, consider cashflows and budgets, as well as analysing accounts to identify the main strengths in your business.  We are used to taking an holistic view when preparing loan applications, to ensure that any loan proposal is presented in a clear a manner which reflects the true position of the business and its plans for the future.


AMC lend for a range of different borrowing needs, whether it is restructuring existing debt, property purchase, paying out family members or working capital.  With interest only and fixed rate options available, AMC are one of the few rural borrowers to provide a funding option that is almost guaranteed to fit your business model.


Brooks Leney are one of the main AMC agents in the Eastern Region and if you would like to discuss AMC financing in confidence then do call Chris Leney on 07717 274413 or e-mail and he would be delighted to help you.  During the lockdown, we are able to progress AMC loan applications remotely.


AMC Loans are subject to status.  Terms and Conditions apply