Cross Compliance & Greening Reminders

In line with the rules for BPS compliance, hedges may be cut or trimmed from the 1st September. If your land is currently part of a Countryside Stewardship (CS) or Entry Level Stewardship agreement, it is advised that you check the definition of a hedge for each agreement type to ensure you are not in breach of specific rules in these agreements. Derogations to cut hedges in August can be applied for if you are drilling Oil Seed Rape or temporary grass.

If using catch crops for EFA these must have been established by 20th August 2019 and must not be destroyed before 14th October 2019. Additionally, cover crops must be established by 1st October and these cannot be destroyed before 15th January 2020. Any form of plant protection product cannot be used on these crops within these periods – no exemptions or derogations apply!

For further advice on BPS please contact one of the team