2020 BPS Claims

As the 2020 BPS claims window opened today, we thought this would be a good time to remind farmers of some of the potential issues in preparing an application this year.

The RPA guidance will give details of some of the basic steps that need to be taken in terms of checking business details etc.

What some readers may overlook is some of the more subtle changes linked to Environmental Stewardship amendments. In particular, if claimants have extended their HLS agreements by one year, this changes the treatment of some HLS options under BPS, and in particular causes issues with double funding. Care needs to be taken to ensure there is no shortfall in EFA fallow land as a result of this.

Claimants also need to remind themselves of the Cross Compliance requirements linked to the BPS. A Cross Compliance failure can see significant penalties being applied to a claim. Cross Compliance rules can be found here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/cross-compliance-2020

If you farm has been crossed by utility works (water, electricity etc) careful thought needs to be given to the treatment of these areas of land in the BPS claim. Depending on the situation, this land may need to be removed from the claim for one year. Any loss in BPS needs to be reflected in the claim against the utility company.

For assistance in completing your 2020 BPS application please contact one of the team. Details can be found here https://brooksleney.co.uk/about/team/